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Les petites moustaches publish youth novels.
Beyond the quest of literary quality, the publishing house highlights History, Art, fashion and all forms of culture at the whim of it new collections, combined with colourful and refined illustrations.
Beautiful books to share our passion for reading and good stories.

1er couv Chocolat 35 x 50

The journey of an uncommon character, land at Bilbao before being known as the first black artist to meet with success in Paris!

My name is Chocolat!

Author : Bénédicte Rivière
111 pages
130 x 230

My name is Rafael and I was born in Cuba. I am the son of runaway slaves. When I was a child, I lived in Havana, at Old Jaba’s house.
But one day, she sold me to a Portuguese merchant. To reassure me, she told me that I would be free once in Europe, that slavery didn’t exist there. And here I am on a boat, sailing towards the Old Continent !
It’s on this ship’s deck that I found Habana, my seagull. It was injured, so I healed it.
Quickly, she shared all my adventures. Because my life has been incredible ! I, the slaves’ son, the child everybody used to point at, I was going to be the first black artist to become famous and be applauded by the Paris smart set…

From Cuba to Paris, including Bilbao, discover the heart-rending destiny of Rafael, known as Chocolat, the very first black clown who be successful in Europe. If it’s in Paris that Chocolat embraced an artistic career, it’s in Spain, his welcome land, that everything began. Nicknamed on his arrival on the continent “El Rubio”, the young boy reveals his acting and dancing skills for the first time in Bilbao.

In tribute to the clown Chocolat, Bénédicte Rivière gives a portrayal of the first black artist who distinguish himself on the french scene and of all of those who crossed his path or shared his life. Through these pages appears the journey of an mind-blowing character across Cuban and Spanish lands, who makes his way right in the heart of Paris during the “Belle Époque” (end of 19th century), a period marked by its social and cultural evolutions.

A story that has recently been adapted for film in the eponym movie Monsieur Chocolat, played by Omar Sy, that children will have the pleasure to rediscover through this novel.

1ère couv Léopard 35x50RVB

The silver leopard

Author : Anne Samuel
122 pages
130 x 200
Volume 1

Mona doesn’t know where she comes from and lives with her foster father. On her 13th birthday, she uncovers a painting in her family’s library and finds herself carried away in Middle Age. She will be taken care of by Master Isaac and his Apprentice Colin and introduced to the cornerstones of artistic expression.

But everything she builds will be challenged by her encounter with Alienor of Aquitaine, on her way to the Second Crusades. In this turbulent and hostile environment, Mona will have to find out how to return to her previous life.
Her incredible odissey journey will give us a glimpse on our historical, cultural and religious history.
This is the first volume of a series of 5 novels, which chronicles 13th year old Mona’s quest of origins and revisits the key moments of our History and artistic creation.

Lucy 1ère couv 400pix

Lucy in the sky

Author : Sophie Guillou
286 pages
130 x 210

Lucy, is a typical thirteen year old girl with acne. She has two best friends with whom she shares her deepest secrets and laughter. Between high school and family however, her daily life is a bore. Luckily, her theatre/drama class each Wednesday brightens up her week, for this is where she gets to see the handsome Adrian. But how can she ever get him to notice her? As luck would have it, a new after school theatre workshop gives her the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Sadly though, due to her family’s financial situation she can’t afford to go. Not to be defeated by such trifles, our little intrepid heroine will use all her cunning and street smarts to realise her dream. She takes a job as a babysitter and dog walker, getting into all sorts of mischief, which paves the way for an unexpected ending.

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